Top bucks night ideas

If you’re looking for bucks night ideas in Melbourne, then here’s our top results. 

The Traditional Group: Go Karts, Drinks and Girls

Hot girls, going fast and refreshing alcoholic drinks - odds are this is a winning combo for most guys. If you’re after a traditional “can’t go wrong” bucks night, then this is the option for you! So buckle up, grab a drink and check out the beautiful babes.

The Spontaneous Group: Mystery Bucks

So you like a little mystery in your life? Or, you simply have NO idea what you want... Just say the word and we'll throw you a mystery bucks night. That means you won't know what you'll be doing until the day of the event. All you need to do is give us your budget and we’ll take care of everything! 

The Quiet Night In Group: Let Us Come to You

Is staying in more your group’s style? That’s cool, we can come to you. We’ll provide the, girls, the laughs and everything you need, all you need to do is round up the crew!

How to plan a Bucks in 5 steps:

Step 1: Find out the rough number of guests of your group.

Step 2: Work out a rough per person budget with the group. One important tip is to remember that guys will always spend extra on alcohol on the night. At Bux Night we can also offer all inclusive drink options to avoid any extra costs.

Step 3: Either choose a package that’s best suited to your group, or you can also chat to us about putting together a custom package. We’ll then text you the cost and all the inclusions, so you can easily send this to the other guests. 

Step 4: To lock in your date, simply pay a one person deposit.

Step 5: We’ll contact you to finalise the amount of the booking one week before the event. After that, sit back and enjoy the ride.

If you have any other questions, check out our FAQs page or otherwise simply contact us. 


So you’ve locked in one of your most important best man duties: booking an epic part with Bux Night. Next on the list? Your best man speech.

Nervous? No need! With our tips, writing your speech will be both as memorable and easy to organise as the bucks night!

Find a balance between humour and seriousness:

Humour is a great way to set the tone for the party, and you can work in jokes, marriage analogies and stories about the couple. BUT Just remember - what happens on Bux Night stays on Bux Night! The best man speech is well known for being one of the funniest of the night, however it’s important to remember the true meaning of the event which is to celebrate the love of the newlyweds. 

What you should include:

  • Start by welcoming the guests and make reference to the wedding so far.

  • Introduce yourself and your relationship with the groom

  • Lead in to a story about the groom, remembering to balance any humorous digs with kind words

  • Compliment the bride, and a story on why you think they’re well suited

  • Compliment and toast to the bridesmaids

  • End on a memorable note, with a toast to the couple

What you shouldn’t include:

  • No mentions of past girlfriends or infidelity

  • Don’t swear, even if it’s part of your personality!

  • No jokes aimed at the bride or mother in law

Timing is everything:

Think about your time limit. You want to make sure you include everything, but remember to keep it short and sweet!

Be prepared:

Regardless of the occasion, a good speech is well prepared and rehearsed. Practicing your speech beforehand in front of your friends and family will also help with any public speaking nerves, and ensure you’re fully prepared for the big day!